I need a listening ear (or reading eyes in this case).

I think that I've posted before about my dad's declining health.

He's been really sick these last couple of years.  He's faught a hard battle, but it appears that he's being defeated.

This started the weekend before the holiday.  He was hospitalized because he wasn't feeling well and the nausea vomiting that he had was more than he could handle.  He couldn't keep anything down and, I guess, was getting too dehydrated.

stanford.... in the news :(

this story includes a letter from the brave young lady to her attacker - and i particularly resonate with her quote from the end by Anne Lamont "Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining." i hope a lot of you sisters feel that way too :)

My feelings

I've had some changes in the past year.  I've finished my Bachelor's degree.  I've started my first job in my field of study (and I'm really excited about it).  I'm also doing research to one day affect change in the world.  I still need money for that to happen, so we'll see where I go.

Only 4 weeks to go!!!

I have been absent from this site for about a year now. Those of you who remember me will know that after 35 years of living with the effects of the sexual abuse at the hands of my father,I finally found myself in the right headspace to go to the police. Well after 2 years of waiting for the legal wheels to turn in my favour I am finally going to court, in just 4 weeks I get the chance to tell my story to a jury of my peers.

a book i read...

i just finished reading the autobiography of the actress who played Nellie Oleson on Little House on the Prairie - which was an interesting insight not only into a favorite show of my childhood, but also one of the many survivors of childhood sexual abuse in Hollywood.  she talks quite a bit about her older brother (the perp) and how it affected her childhood - and eventually coming to terms with it in her adult life, and even used her childhood fame to battle politicans and get an evil law fixed thru

Out of Darkness, Light....

an interesting post by Senator Rand Paul about a woman he met at

sounds like a wonderful place for healing to take place  :)

The Bill Cosby's of the World

Bill Cosby was once my image of the perfect father. Watching him on the Cosby Show helped me create an ideal father figure in my mind. His patience with his children, the love he showed his wife, and the humor behind it all created a perfect person in my young mind. Bill Cosby was one of my idols, yet like all people placed on a pedestal he fell.

Making A Choice

I often wonder why some people are able to choose to move forward and others seem stuck in a place of victimization. It almost sounds cruel to simplify the healing process as "making a choice" yet that is exactly must occur in order to move forward. Telling yourself that you are worth more than what happened to you is difficult, believing it is even rougher. However, it is a mantra that must be repeated day after day and at time, minute after minute.

Taking On The World

I posted my first blog over two years ago. As we ring in 2015 shortly on the east coast, I've thought about how I've grown and learned over these past two years.

I feel like I was a hot mess when I first joined. As I look back, I realized that I've learned so much from each and every one of you. I enjoy being a part of the site and I do check it often.

Why I Wasn't Believed

I read an interesting piece online ( last night about Bill Cosby written by the NO MORE Staff. For those of you that don't know, NO MORE is a campaign to end domestic violence and sexual assault. Check out their website at


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